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Low-Oxalate Food List — Dietary Roadmap

Article author photo Ani Harutyunyan by Ani Harutyunyan | Last updated on March 28, 2024
Medically reviewed by Elen Khachatrian Article author photo Elen Khachatrian

Low-Oxalate Food List  

When following a low-oxalate diet, it is preferable to primarily consume foods with low to moderate oxalate levels and restrict the intake of foods and beverages high in oxalates.

Check the following table to see foods with the lowest oxalate content. You can find more information on the oxalate content of different foods page.

FoodServing sizeOxalate /mg per 100g/Oxalate /mg per serving/
Watermelon1 NLEA serving /280g/00
Melon1 cup /170g/00
Pomelo1 cup /190g/00
Pumpkin1 cup, mashed /245g/00
Radish1 medium /4.5g/00
Chicken0.5 breast /86g/00
Beef3 oz /85g/00
Pork3 oz /85g/00
Bacon1 slice cooked /8.1g/00
Salmon3 oz /85g/00
Sardines1 oz /28.35g/00
Feta1 oz /28.35g/00
Milk1 cup /244g/00
Egg1 large /50g/00
Yogurt1 container /170g/00
Scrambled egg2 eggs /96g/00
Peach1 NLEA serving /147g/11
Orange1 fruit /131g/22
Grapefruit1 NLEA serving /154g/23
Asparagus1 cup /134g/23
Grape1 cup /92g/33
Lemon1 NLEA serving /58g/32
Turnip1 slice /15g/30
Tomato soup1 cup /248g/37
Pear1 NLEA serving /166g/47
Nectarine1 NLEA serving /140g/46
Cabbage1 cup /77g/43
Cucumber0.5 cup /52g/42
White rice1 cup /158g/46
Pineapple1 cup /165g/58
Cauliflower1 cup /107g/55
Tomato1 NLEA serving /148g/57
Onion1 tbsp chopped /10g/51
Cherry1 cup /103g/66
Zucchini1 cup /148/67
Garlic1 tsp /2.8g/60
Waffle1 waffle /28.35g/72
Ravioli1 cup /242g/717
Vegetable soup0.5 cup /126g/79
Lime1 NLEA serving /67g/85
Bell pepper1 medium /119g/ 1012
Apple1 cup /125g/1114
Mango1 cup /165g/1220
Brussels sprouts1 cup /88g/1311
Corn1 cup /149g/1319
Lentil1 cup /198g/1326
Millet1 cup /174g/1323
Lettuce1 cup /36g/166
Eggplant1 cup /82g/1613
Oat1 cup /156g/1625
Brown rice1 cup /202g/1626
Banana1 cup /150g/2030
Kiwifruit1 NLEA serving /148g/2030
Broccoli1 NLEA serving /148g/ 2030
Multigrain bread1 slice regular /24g/205
White bread1 slice /29g/205
French fries1 serving medium /117g/2226
Plum1 NLEA serving /151g/2335
Mashed potato1 cup /242g/2561
Olives1 small /3.2g/271
Barley1 cup /152g/2742
Rye1 cup /169g/3254
Graham cracker1 crakcer /15g/395
Carrot1 medium /61g/4125
Khorasan wheat1 cup /186g/4787
Apricot1 cup /155g/4874


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Article author photo Ani Harutyunyan
Author name: Ani Harutyunyan
Education: General Medicine at YSMU
Last updated: March 28, 2024
Medically reviewed by Elen Khachatrian
Data provided by OxalateContent.com should be considered and used as information only. Please consult your physician before beginning any diet.