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About Us

Oxalates are organic compounds in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. However, their reputation as "anti-nutrients" has caused confusion and uncertainty among people. That's why Oxalatecontent.com is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the oxalate content of different foods. We are the first website to offer a complete guide with reliable information from various sources. Our goal is to help users better understand oxalates and make informed choices about their diet.


As health enthusiasts conducting thorough research, we've observed a significant gap in reliable sources for oxalate information. In fact, the available data is often ambiguous, creating confusion as different sources present conflicting numbers for the same foods.

Much of the information available online regarding the oxalate content in various foods is unreliable due to the variability in testing procedures and inherent differences among food items. The uncertainties stem from poor method selection, neglect of alternative methods, factual errors in research papers, and, notably, reliance on historical data.

Recognizing this challenge, we decided to create a platform that could offer up-to-date, accurate, and consolidated information on oxalates, ensuring clarity for individuals seeking trustworthy insights into their dietary choices. All the oxalate-related content on our website is based on solid scientific research and comes from trustworthy sources; we have collected all reputable papers to date in one place. We prioritize accuracy and reliability, ensuring you receive trustworthy information to support your health and well-being.

Our website features an extensive database that details oxalate content in various foods. We aim to comprehensively overview the oxalate content of fruits, vegetables, grains, and beverages.

Our Features

Food Search

Effortlessly find the oxalate levels in your favorite foods with our powerful search feature. Simply enter the food item, and we'll provide detailed information. 

Comparative Analysis

Our platform allows you to compare the oxalate content of different foods, aiding you in making informed choices tailored to your dietary preferences.

Our Team

Our esteemed team is comprised of accomplished individuals with extensive expertise in medicine, nutrition, and related disciplines. This diverse group of professionals includes medical experts and nutritionists who bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our content.

Our content is regularly updated based on the latest sources available. We always keep an eye on the newest information and research in the field to ensure the content on Oxalateconent.com is always up-to-date and relevant for you.

Data provided by OxalateContent.com should be considered and used as information only. Please consult your physician before beginning any diet.